I’m concerned by troubles caused by digital manipulation, digital addictions, lack of tech for good, profit unsharing, automation and impact on our life and bodies.

Whole Project Abstract

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Born in 1975 in France, but nobody cares!

Many drawings are digitally conceived and data originated

Generally, the darker is the worst!

0 and 1 may now be enough to depict the world!

The genesis of Clear Shadows project

The author had a digital burnout in 2015. Too many screens, too much continuous flow of information. The problem, his job is precisely 100% in the digital and innovation area. He had to disconnect, partly.

This period also marks the exponential acceleration of social networks, the explosion of addictions to screens and their notifications, the ethical shift of many technological projects, the collective awareness of the harmful impacts of all these digital solutions on the world. man and his environment, and of the only non-avowable finality which can be summed up in the enrichment of their designers and funders.

Thus, the author gave birth to this Clear Shadows project in 2018, resulting from his experiences in the digital world, his understanding of digital business models, and his desire to unveil the unseen with a more artistic awareness.

The genesis of the Artworks

Through his works, deliberately designed digitally and with the minimum human impact in the creative process to hide any individuality, thanks to the technologies of the digital giants, Clear Shadows tries to figure out that tech for good is far from being a major societal concern, and that the automation of our lives is still in its infancy.

The works use the most popular types of media, video or images, deliberately use 2 colors, black and white, with admittedly some shades of gray. The use of darkness takes us to the depths of technologies diverted from the common good.

Refined, most of the works have a didactic vocation, with minimalist aesthetic work, focusing on the essence of the conceptual purpose.

We generally find there a Manichean universe of 0 and 1s, bubbles and bars, or evocative signs of these two binary components intrinsic to the construction of any digital solution.

Data, mechanisms or algorithms often guide the very design of works, with the use of a figure, a curve, a data lake … and only leave a chance under digital control. Everyday, life or human objects that are sometimes explicit are only a pretext to inject data in them.

The works, for some, leave a place to the true chance of life, the Brownian motion, symbol of microscopic life and of the present moment, holds a large place there.

The police is Inconsolata

The Gafam are most of the time criticized, whether it is by their positions, their business model, their incarnator, or for the impact of their solutions on our lives in the short, medium or long term.

“Real people” are totally excluded from any form of presence in the works, in order once again to put emphasis on the automation of our biological or psychic lives.

The works are precisely concerned with the molecular level which makes it possible to materialize life. The works are also interested in discoveries and physical, biological or physiological processes, for which Man has succeeded in finding a tech for good outcome.

The repetition, the echo, the loop, the return to square one also hold a preponderant place in this fatalistic spiral.

The anonymity is also present in Clear Shadows to show an invisible hand manipulating our societies. Few works are self-centered on their originator.

Passivity is also present, with, in addition to the uncontrollable runaway without safeguards of the system, the passive acceptance of its own denaturation by man via a certain form of self-slavery.

Water for its continuous flow and cycle, infiltrating, irreversible and more specifically tears is present

Certain feelings & emotions, widely spread on the web, are also very present: anger, hatred, vanity, sadness, lies, manipulation, short-term satisfaction, isolation, fear … and are generally put in abyss with their counter-feeling complementary ideal knowingly absent or falsely present in works: temperance, benevolence, mutual aid, joy, transparency, happiness, group, compassion

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