Plastic tree

Drugs plastic commercial racks x shadows x sculpture


The pendulum tree

Metal Puppets x Magnetic motion x Dead tree x Daily flowers



Metabolic processing x Mobile notifications x Chemistry swap & social depression


The Clock

Screen user daily life x Heart beat & Clock Sounds x 99 frames x Monsters x Digital Twins x vague Dreams


Pink dancer

Ice melting x slow dancing x La vie en rose


The anxiety machine

Social rewards x Dopamine shot x Hatred x Notification x Nomophobia

This is a 2 min. compilation of 5 other videos. This overall processing and vicious circle may lead to mass anxiety



Gafa stock exchange annual growth x Hokusai wave

Engraving on Plexiglas x Led blue light



Engraving + Blue light Led




I am your product

Pigeons x Internet users categorization

When you do not pay for a product, you may be the product. Internet users became addicted to their personnalized feed


The Bride

Light engraving with blue Led – 30*20


The walking sleeper

My heart rate x night duration x number of kms for one month

I used my wrist bracelet to monitor during 30 days precisely my main body metrics that it could capture. Lots of health improvements could be performed thanks to the collection of all these personal data & A.I on top of this….or not!

Drawing – 30×20 cm


And I’m sorry for this

Z. public apologies at American Congress recording


Do not touch

Endangered species x distorted mobile notifications

These corals are animated with random and circular motions by invisible currents, barely touching each others. Distorted mobile notifications sounds like fish noises in deep waters.Sometimes, more attention is paid to endangered species than to human beings mental health…


Burning Techs

Top web & innovation technologies x Synthetic russian voice x Fire burning

Each web technology since more than 20 years is marketed like the next hot big thing and disruption, in a non virtuous cycle where people are just considered as users and they may do not understand that they are the product, or worst the main source of enrichment of these people pushing hardly for a speed techno adoption.


I like you

Tear drops & rain x Main social rewards x Flash lights

Social reward is one of the main engine propulsing social networks growth. People addiction also come from the dopamine shot they receive when they are publicly congratulated. Some social studies, ignored by social network owners, show that around one tier of teenagers may feel depressed having checked their social network flows.


Ice Flows

Ice flow x Top tech leaders mantras

Tech worldwide community and innovative leaders are raising start-up founders with entrepreneurial & success insane mantras. Most of these mantras focused on success and self made man may have no consideration for human impacts of these innovations. These echoing entrepreneurs perpetuate the cycle indefinitely. The whole process where newbies try to imitate tech leaders cause they became rich rapidly seems like for ice flows totally irreversible and devastating for human beings.



Social network scrolling x notifications x anxiety breath 

Social infinite crawling, social notifications and Fomo (fear of missing out) may generate anxiety for most of social network addicts and a growing part of the population. Instead of awakening people to present instant like gongs, social notifications sounds are diverting them from reality. This video is generated with the exact motion of the area around my mouse while scrolling one of my social network.


Puppets II

These are real antic statues shapes coming from a western european museum.

Drawing & graving on plexiglass – 30×20 cm


Lacrima Rea

Microscopic Lacrima x Coins shape x Rain / Tears

Social networks generate a lot of cash for their owners, but most of the time a lot of sadness for their users. Like a kind of Modern Times spiral, the lacrima coins are turning around and around, before coming back to the same departure position. Scientific studies observed that each microscopic view of a lacrima has specific forms depending on the cause of the tears.